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Property Management

As long time owners and managers of real property Manekin is keenly aware of the benefit of "best-in-class" property management services and the effect such services have on value. Manekin is now strategically linked to Jones Lang LaSalle with much of their core mid-Atlantic operations personnel having come over via JLL’s acquisition of Manekin’s 9 million square foot management portfolio. JLL is dedicated to creating value and maximizing yield for the properties on which they are selected to manage as a result.

Early Integration of Property Management

Manekin integrates JLL's team early on in the asset life cycle providing Manekin with a targeted master plan that includes:

  • Property operational assessments with portfolio-wide cost benchmarking
  • Depth of service subcontractors with national pricing power
  • Broad skill base with continuity of personnel
  • Financial reporting integrated with management with to provide detailed, institutional grade, timely reporting


Tenant-Focused Philosophy

Manekin's longstanding vision of quality service to tenants continues in conjunction with JLL's management team to insure a successful record of tenant satisfaction that is rooted in the details of careful property management, along with some simple precepts:

  • Deliver great service
  • Keep quality customers in quality properties
  • Respond quickly and follow-up
  • Take a long-term perspective
  • Listen and care


Repositioning and Value Enhancements

Modifications to the physical asset and enhancing value through carefully orchestrated major repairs and capital improvements can minimize losses and increase values. Manekin's vison paired with JLL's ability to execute allows integrated facility upgrades or complete re-engineering to reposition an asset. As an operator, Manekin understands the importance of lease revenue and tenant retention and emphasizes responsive and accessible relations with tenants, regular pro-active visits, and identification of cost savings relative to building operations, maintenance, engineering, and custodial services.