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Manekin LLC is a privately held real estate investment management and operating company. Founded in Baltimore by brothers Harold and Bernard Manekin in 1946 and now headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, Manekin's goal is to create significant value for investors through a combination of capital appreciation, strategic acquisition, development, capitalization, repositioning, and management of commercial real estate assets.

The firm enjoys a preeminent reputation in the real estate community from the perspective of its investors, entitling agencies or occupiers. Manekin provides services that are staged to create, increase and maximize real estate asset value for our clients:

  • CREATE: Development and construction of properties that fully meet - and exceed - the needs of our clients, occupants and communities
  • INCREASE: Effective, responsible asset management that over time creates greater value in our projects
  • MAXIMIZE: Investment returns are a function of good stewardship, deep market knowledge and a thoughtfully crafted investment exit

Furthermore, Manekin contributes its time and resources to the communities in which it builds and operates. The result? Value that extends well beyond balance sheets and property lines - and benefits everyone involved.