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Company Values

Manekin’s strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit has been present since 1946 has its origins in 1946. The founding bothers set forth tenets that remain true today and are the foundation of the firm’s success:


Employees are held accountable for the quality of their work and the results of their efforts. The company fosters a culture of open communication and mutual respect.


Our greatest resource is 70 plus years of experience. Manekin’s bench strength, knowledge base, and history of operational excellence helps us deliver superior real estate solutions to our clients.


We do not compromise individual or corporate integrity for any reason, ever. Employees are held to the highest ethical standards of honesty in all business dealings.


Manekin embraces an ethic of hard work and a commitment to delivering superior service both inside and outside the firm.


Manekin meets complex operational and financial goals by engaging focused teams with leadership.