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Access to different models of transportation (predominantly ships, rail and trucks) has always provided good reason for industrial users to locate their business in the Greater Baltimore Area.

With increasing fuel costs, however, will companies have to rely on other means of transportation? And if so, will this hurt the Baltimore industrial market? Not necessarily.

Industrial tenants have other ways to reduce costs when choosing a new facility. Consider ceiling heights, depth of truck court, area for outside storage, and additional trailer parking: 

·              When product can be stored higher, less overall square footage is needed. 

·              Deep truck courts provide ease of access for trailer deliveries and reduced waiting time. 

·              Outside storage provides a cost-reducing alternatives to additional square footage. 

·              And more parking for trailers mean no need for additional sites to house them, plus the added convenience of having everything in one place. 

Taking these into account when selecting new space can go a long way in offsetting rising fuel costs.